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The legal notice

Attorney at law Marjana D. Majstorovic is legal practitioner based in Belgrade, with registered seat at 18 Cara Urosa, 11158 Belgrade-Old town, registered in the Belgrade Bar Association under the attorney identification number 6980, with registration number: 57331950, tax identification number: 109260811.

Attorney at law does not have any branch or representative office in or outside of Serbia.

Providing Legal Assistance and Representation

It will be considered that by accessing the website www.advokatmajstorovic.com you are informed and that you know that Attorney at law is authorized at its discretion and without your prior notification not to provide legal assistance or service, even when you do not have access to the said information.

Proprietary Rights

The website www.advokatmajstorovic.com contains proprietary and confidential information, including brand trademarks and service trademarks. It is not allowed to download, sell, reproduce or distribute the published content without prior written approval.

Other people's trademarks, brands, services and other marks are the property of the respective persons.

Establishment of Attorney-Client Relation

This website and related social network pages cannot be a way of establishing the attorney-client relation, it just gives true information, as a way that legal services are more accessible to the general public and to help improve the overall administration of justice.

Any website or related social network content is not considered to be legal advice and to seek out an attorney.

Limitation of Professional Liability

The Attorney at law has concluded a professional liability insurance contract, which is for an insurance sum of up to 20,000.00 euros. The lawyer is liable for the damage caused to the Client when providing legal assistance and representation up to twice the amount of the fee paid by the Client for the legal aid provided.

In the event that the Client in a specific legal matter, in addition to the Attorney at law, was advised or provided legal assistance by third parties, the Attorney at law is not responsible for the damage and will not be liable to pay you any amount caused by the error of the third party.

The procedure for determining the responsibility of the Attorney at law can be initiated within a maximum of 3 years from the date of the action that you think gives rise to the alleged responsibility, and after the expiration of this period, any responsibility of the Attorney at law ceases.

The amount of damages that the Attorney at law is obliged to pay to the Client will be reduced by the amount of compensation that the Client has collected from insurance or any third party based on the same harmful event.